1. Data Collection
(IIoT & Edge Device)

Vehicle Data Engineering & Management Solution

IIoT & edge device for vehicle data
  • Data collection CAN / XCP communication with vehicle
    *.dbc file supporting for hundreds vehicles, A2L available
  • Extendable for various sensing
  • Easy Installation & usage
  • Not only vehicles, machinery, marin, non-road, etc.
  • Telematics
  • FOT (field operational test)
  • Performance test
Description TeNeT
Purpose Data logging device via vehicle networks
Operating system Linux
Processor / memory ARM-A72 CPU 2.5GHz / 8GB
External memory 32GB SD card
Interface UDS, OBD2, TP, GMLAN, BMW(7 Byte) with CAN(FD) / LAN
Measurement 11bit standard diagnostic / 29bit extended CAN bus
monitoring with dbc file / external trigger input
Wake up CAN signal / Key on
Sensors 1x GPS
Ports 4x USB / 2x CAN / 1x LAN / HDMI (option, 4x CAN)
Communication WiFi / 4G LTE
Sub-device 4 x 8 ch AI

2. Data Analysis &
Application(Bigdata Platform)

Field Data Collection Service to On Promise (Sever) or Cloud. We Provide Platform and effective transfer for Big amount of Data with various solution.

T Data(cloud) & T-Mine(on premise)
  • Test & measurement data management
  • Test measurement data validation & evaluation
  • Test efficiency & project management
  • Road data monitoring

3. Improved bus fuel efficiency, safety, and environment (Bigdata Platform)

Data Collection

System Utilization

Effect Description Function
Safety Drowsiness / lack of attention auto check DSM
vision AI
Maintenance OBD2 Sensor, fault code maintenance score CBM
On-time dispatch Check the status of passengers at buses / stops T-BUS
vision AI
Fuel efficiency Utilizing sudden acceleration / sudden stop data ECO BUS
Environment Improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions T-BUS